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What types of games does esports include?

This is a very restrictive question, because esports covers such a wide variety of different video games. Indeed, any video game where you compete against another player can be considered as an esport.

Do you stream any esportsscrims/matches ?

YES! Hyderabad Hydras regularly streams their scrims on various platforms. All the events promoted by Hyderabad hydras will be streamed and broadcasted on their social media platforms and other streaming partners.

Do the listed times refer to when the game starts or when the studio starts?

We aim to show the start of the actual match and the schedule is geo-located to the user and will show the schedule in that timezone.

I’m new to esports. Can I still play?

Of course! Perhaps one of the best things about esports is the fact that it’s so easy take part – whether you’re a newbie or seasoned player. All you need is a games console or a PC, a solid internet connection and a copy of the game. And apart from having a great time, it’s also a great way to familiarise yourself with the games and improve your esports bets.

Which are the channels where I can watch Hyderabad hydras games live?

You can follow our progress and watch our content on youtube, facebook and Instagram.FAQ

Are you going to start mulitiple gaming lineups?

Yes we will soon start lineups of battlegrounds india, cod mobile, etc