CEO's Message

Aashwij Ravula

Founder & CEO, Hyderabad Hydras


Hyderabad Hydras is the first city based Esports organization in the country. Our mission is to bring a paradigm shift in the way Esports is viewed and treated in India. We aim to achieve the goal through the following methods:

  1. Digital Content Creation
  2. Leagues & Tournaments
  3. Multiple Esports line ups

We wish to create a strong grass root development program through which potential talent can be identified at an early stage and absorbed into the Esports ecosystem.  We also strive to make Esports as a viable professional career opportunity for people, especially promote women gaming as this is safe, sustainable source of income for women.

Debuting in 2021, Hyderabad Hydras competed in the official tournaments in BGMI; FIFA; Pokemon Unite and Clash of Clans

Due to our success in penetrating the Esports market very quickly and our focus in creating a community for the fringe Esports ecosystem in India,

We have a strong vision to develop multiple Esports rosters, create strong grass root level programs and bring mainstream appeal for the nascent Esports community in India. We are also focused to cultivate and foster a strong and growing Esports ecosystem that enables gaming to establish itself in the forefront of the sports entertainment market in India.